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Brief: Show the industry what Sherwin + Conrad are capable of.


What piece of work could we possibly show that does justice to a collective 6 years and £75,952 worth of university? A piece of work that truly represents 'us'?




That's why for our CSM Degree Show 2018, we sat working every single day, taking briefs from visitors, as well as through our live-stream, answering them one-by-one, in real-time.



Below are some of our favourites. You can check out more at @degreeshowmewhatyougot

Brief: "When England loses a game in the World Cup, domestic abuse spikes by 38%. Come up with something to raise awareness of the domestic abuse hotline" - Jo Taylor.​


*We liked this one so much that we developed it!

Brief: “Get people to eat their bogies” - Megan Egan.

Brief: "Get people to stop doing bunny ears in photos” - Teddy Souter.

Brief: "Create a water brand that is 100% dry" - Ben Chan. 

Brief: "Create a children's storybook for deaf children which explains sounds, without needing to know what they sound like."

- Ashleigh Paige Fielding.

Brief: "Get old ladies to wear tighty whities." - Paula Colls & Carolina Doria.

Brief: "Give Satan a reason to be good." - Greg Ormrod.

Brief: "Advertise a car that's good for the environment but ugly as fuck." - Lukas.

Brief: "Create a campaign to sell energy drinks to young children. (Would you?)" - Joel Davies.

Brief: "Sell Ice to Eskimos." - Megan Egan.

Brief: "Encourage people to be more green and sort their recycling." - Paris Crossley.

Brief: "Redesign a cat to make it more useful." - Zelda Malan. 

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