A collection of scratching posts for our creative itch.


Centrepeace, a tabletop UV phone sanitiser, was designed in response to an open brief on covid-era cleanliness. It went on to win best in category, get auctioned off for charity at Christies and is currently being exhibited at the London Design Museum.

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We turned Conrad's girlfriend's mum's handwriting into a typeface to inspire other stroke victims to reclaim their lost ability to write. Check out the site.

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Majulah Medics!

During this coronavirus craziness, we wanted to turn fear into love for Singapore's medical heroes. So we created this simple icon based on the masks we're surrounded by. 
"Majulah" translates to "onwards"; a nod to Singapore's national anthem "Majulah Singapura".

6 inch instagram post

The test for Covid involves a 6 inch swab being pushed all the way from your nose to your throat.

Probably best to keep 6ft apart instead, right?

Socially distant t-shirt

We designed a t-shirt to remind people to keep their distance. All profits go to the Red Cross. (restocking soon)

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Pollution Postcards

Singapore gets hit by a yearly air pollution haze from the burning of the Indonesian jungle.
So, we decided to design and send a postcard
to their president.

It got a good response, but our favourite comment?

A DM from a postal worker.

Loophole hoops

Singapore is super strict when it comes to sports in public. So we said balls to the rules and turned loopholes into hoopholes.

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Face fILLter

We made an instagram filter that's actually useful. 

Face fILLter makes you look ill as fuck, giving you a handy excuse to bail. We've already given over 2 years' worth of days off. Misuse it wisely.

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What happens when you give A.I. the one thing it was missing? The ability to party.

Things get weird.

F1 Japan / USA Grand Prix

A short, globally-broadcasted stinger we turned around in 3 days with Time Based Arts during our placement at W+K.

Pantone: Dying Coral

Given the current state of the environment, it seemed ironic for Pantone's 2019 colour of the year to be named 'Living Coral'.

So we made a more appropriate one

to raise awareness of coral bleaching.