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2 Central St Martins Advertising Graduates. Good condition - Slightly used.


A pair of Creatives from the last ever batch of St Martins Advertising. We're hungry to wade into the industry, have some fun and do our best to just make some real good shit. We also like to wear black and cross our arms, so it's like we're made for Advertising. Batteries not included.

Sherwin and Conrad

SKU: SHERCON4568275937
  • 1 x Covid Product Design Award

    1 x D&AD New Blood | Yellow Pencil

    1 x D&AD New Blood | Wood Pencil

    1 x Cream winners

    1 x Silver Ocean Outdoor Advertising Award

    1 x Chip Shop Awards | Best Parody

    4 x Crowbar Awards

    1 x ADSTAR | Crystal Award

Only 1 left in stock!


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